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I have several holidays that have been established before the creation of this website.

National Selfie Day                                      June 21

National BBQ Day                                        May  16

National Brisket Day                                    May  28

National Rum Day                                       Aug  16

National Hamburger Day                          May  28

National BBQ Ribs Day                                July   4

National Vodka Week                                 Second Week of July  (July 10-16 2022)

National Cowgirl Day                                 Labor Day Saturday    (Aug 27   2022)

National Chicken Fried Steak Day            Oct  26

National Poker Day                                     April  19

National Frozen Margarita Day                 July  24

National Baseball Day                                April  22

National Basketball Day                              Nov  4

National Video Game Day                         July  8

National Hip Hop Day( Co-founder)         Aug  11

National Rap Music Day                             Aug  3

National #LOVE Day                                    July 31


National Motorcycle Week                         Second Week of August ( Aug 14th-20th 2022)

You can visit  all of those on the link provided.  The holidays can also be viewed on the Brownielocks Holiday Calendar .

New Holidays

Created as of 05-2022

Welcome to my new holidays ! We have more fun creations to enjoy in addition to my first holidays displayed above. Remember, every month, every week and every day we have something to celebrate. Let's make life happy.


National Rye Whiskey Day- Jan 17th

What a nice way to take the chill out of the air. Smooth Rye Whiskey

February- National Friendzone Day - Feb 15

The day AFTER you spend your Valentine's  day money .

March- National Hockey Month- Celebration of the sport of hockey

            National Bar Crawl Week( the week before St. Patrick's Day) March 10-16 in 2024.




National Mexicue Day - June 4


Have you ever had American BBQ with Mexican infused spices ? The clash of the best of both worlds come together in this new celebration. Your cookout will never be the same.


National Rum Punch Month- June

Summer is here. Cool off with some rum and fruit punch. 

National eSport Week- June 11-17 2023

Foe eSport players


National Corn Hole Day - First Saturday of July

The game is very popular in pop culture. Form a team and make it happen.

National Dive Bar Day- July 7

This is the day to get out in your local communities and seek out the coolest dive bars . Shop local, eat local, and support them. 

National Tequlia Week-


Always celebrated the last week of July. (24th-30th 2022)

Tequila week was created with the intent on celebrating the famous spirit. People can participate by making your favorite bar drink using tequila. 

National Rodeo Month-


The celebration highlights the culture of the American cowboy and cowgirl. The old west produced a western lifestyle that is still iconic today. Wanna play cowboy  ? You have a month dedicated to create your own western flare. 

Chili Dog Day - July 28

Hot Dogs are wonderful with chili. Beans or no beans  ?

National Bikini Contest Week-  First week of July (3rd-9th) 2022

It's the perfect setting and the right time to have the contest. 

National Bikini Month-


It's hot in the sweltering summer. 

World Energy Drink Day - July 31


National Beach Volleyball Day- Aug 6

Want a fun day at the beach ? Bring a volleyball and some friends and make a day of it  . Summer sun and fun !

National Cowgirl Month - August

The wonderful contributions of the cowgirl will have a place in history. Share and celebrate this month with the history of cowgirls.


National Taco Month- September 

The taco is the perfect food for just about anything. You find them everywhere and prepared in many different ways. Take this time to bring out your inner chef and experiment with tacos. 

National Beer and Wings Day - Sept 2

You can definitely stop by your favorite bar and get that chicken wing/beer combo.  Explore the flavors and sauces. Enjoy your tasty treat !


National Tex Mex Day - Oct 22

Tex Mex is a blend of Mexican food and spices with western Texas style cooking. Fajitas, tacos and the nachos all came thru this region of the country.

Find a Tex Mex restaurant for a good meal.

National Women's Motorcycle Week- Oct 9-15 2022

Dedicated to women who ride motorcycles

National eSport Month- October

For eSport players


National Football Day- Nov 12

Nothing is as American than American Football. In the heart of the season, let's "Kick Off" football day.

National Cider Week - Nov 12-19

Always the second week of Nov.


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