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This is my official page about the holidays I've created.


I love making fun holidays for everyone to enjoy.  And I will create more in the future.

You will also get more info about me . After all, who's this guy who keeps making up holidays ? l

Why I create holidays

I have been in love with holidays and celebrations for many years. Well, why not ?  Who doesn't like a party ?

When I was nine years old,  I saw a calendar in our home with the holiday " National Hot Dog Week " and I was intrigued . What kid didn't like eating hot dogs for a week ? Why was that on the calendar ? It was printed on, not hand written. I never got the answer, but I had the memory. A memory that stuck with me all my life. Honest story.

Now as a radio DJ and influencer, I used the halfway break on air to tell listeners about the day's holiday. I came across the Brownielocks Holiday calendar and my life changed forever !! This was the launching pad that put my holidays on the spotlight.

I am still creating holidays and you can see them on the next page. 

       DJ Rick

I work as a radio personality for the Fishbowl Radio Network in Bedford TX. We are the largest online radio network in the state. My show, Alley Rally, has been on the air for over 10 years. I've received several award including Best Male Radio Host and Show Of The Year.

I am the host of a BBQ TV show called Hot Grills Of Texas. We travel the state in search of the best Texas BBQ . We were on air for three years on TV Azteca Dallas 55. Loved it !!!!! Covid 19 messed that up big time...... but we are back this summer filming once again.

I have a degree from Tarrant County College , class of 2014. My major was Radio, TV and Film. I love the media arts. 


Click the button for my radio show,Alley Rally

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